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Men of God; We Need You

Thank you to the men who are MEN: we see you; we appreciate you.

The ones who not only take the Gospel seriously, but live it out.

The ones who treat women as the equals they are as image bearers of God.

The ones who love their wives as Christ loved the Church.

The ones who practice what they preach and lead their families in the ways of God.

The ones who protect us as though we were their own flesh and blood.

The ones who speak up, stand up, and fight for us.

The ones who do not use the sacred Word of God as a weapon to wield control over us.

The ones who do not tolerate other men abusing us.

The ones who understand and apply the Word of God appropriately when it comes to women.

The ones who treat us with respect and honour.

The ones who see us as more than something to conquer.

The ones with integrity and strength of character.

We are counting on you to lead the way and teach others what it means to be a godly man.

This country needs you – we need you – to stand with us for change.

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