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5 Indicators Of A Toxic Relationship

1. You can’t be yourself around them

You find it difficult or draining to be in their presence because you constantly feel like they are trying to turn you into someone or something that fits their comfort zone.

2. They have issues with accepting boundaries

They directly or indirectly demand that you set aside your core values for them. They often try to make you feel guilty about setting personal boundaries. They get upset when you tell them “no” and will constantly violate your values and beliefs.

3. The relationship revolves around their needs

Your needs and desires come second to theirs at all times. They expect you to support them, pick up every phone call and respond to every text immediately. They expect you to drop everything for them when they need you, but will not do the same for you.

4. The set unrealistic standards

They set unrealistically high standards that they expect you to maintain, yet they are unable to uphold the basic standards for any relationship (open communication, faithfulness, honesty, forgiveness, etc.). Their happiness is your responsibility and you are not allowed to make any mistakes in their eyes.

5. You feel like you are losing yourself

You are constantly unhappy. Your joy and optimism for life are fading the longer you are with them. You no longer participate in things you love because they do not like it/do not want you to do it. You focus more on them and their needs, while your needs go unmet.

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