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When Prayers and Hashtags Are Not Enough

Let me start off by saying that the purpose of this post is not to minimise the importance or effectiveness of prayer; nor is the purpose to question God’s ability to perform miracles. As a woman who fully believes in Jesus and the power of prayer, I have no reason to downplay its importance. However, I do think that us Christians we need to start doing more than just pray, and put our prayers into action.

We proclaim that we believe God can move but, we do not make ourselves available for Him to move through us.

Over the last two weeks, the people of South Africa have been in uproar over the violence against women and children and, rightfully so. Every other week, there seems to be a new story in the news about a woman or child being raped and killed but, the last two weeks in particular, the country has been going trough an absolutely horrific time.

It honestly breaks my heart so see comments online such as, “I’m praying that God sends help” and hashtags such as #PrayForSouthAfrica.

“God, please do a miracle in our country!”

“God, bring change in our country!”

As Christians, we ARE the change that God provides. We ARE the miracle workers. We ARE the help. We are called to be His hands and feet in this broken world. So, if all we do is comment, share posts and use hashtags on social media, what is actually being done? It is good to have faith but, faith and deeds go hand-in-hand.

What good does it do for our brothers and sisters in trouble if we share our faith but never put our faith into action? If we say “I’m praying for you” and walk away from them, taking with us the resources God provided us with to deliver them from their situation.

Specifically in the area of abuse against women and children, we are quick to cause an uproar on social media but, when push comes to shove, we shy away from being hands-on.

Our neighbours are being abused by their husbands daily; we hear their screams for help but, we proclaim “it’s none of my business.”

A church member under our leadership opens up to us about the fact that their husband is abusing them and our advice to them is to “keep praying”, “keep trusting God” and “stay submitted under him”. Then, we are so shocked when that same church member eventually dies at the hands of their spouse. We tell wives to stay with their abusive husbands because “God hates divorce”, meanwhile, we are safe and comfortable in our own abuse-free marriages and have no understanding, whatsoever, of the hell we are telling them to stay in.

A woman we know approaches us to help them get out of their relationship alive; we shrink back and say we cannot help because, it makes us feel uncomfortable to intervene.

This, is not the God we claim to serve! The God we serve, steps into the mess and does something – and He calls us to do the same for our brothers and sisters in need. Can you imagine if Jesus proclaimed that He loved us but, never put His love into action? We would never have been able to experience salvation.

When was the last time you helped someone without expecting anything in return? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone to make sure that someone else was taken care of?

This is a time when words, prayers and hashtags are not enough; we need to do something more.

We can have as many protests as we like and call on the government as much as we like but, none of that means anything if we are not willing to be our sister’s Keeper. This is indeed a war on women – both spiritually and physically, which is why we cannot only apply spiritual principles.

Jesus is the only hope for South Africa and, sometimes, the biggest miracles take place when we avail ourselves to be His vessels not only through prayer but, through deeds as well.


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